Registration overview

Registration overview pursuant to § 10 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/99)

1. Controller of the Register

All Ice Myynti Oy
Kimalistontie 9
21280 Raisio
myyntiatallice [dot] fi (myynti[at]allice[dot]fi)
Y-tunnus 1074577-8

2. Person in Charge of the Register

Anna-Liisa Lindström
myyntiatallice [dot] fi (myynti[at]allice[dot]fi)

3. Name of the Register

All Ice Myynti Oy:n and All Ice Lapland customer register

4. Purpose of the Personal Data in the Register

The personal information is used to take care of the customer relationship, enable communication and in some occations marketing and other web services.

5. Contents of the Register

Name and family name
ZIP code
Telephone number

In addition to that asked of businesses
Name of the company
Business ID

6. Regular sources of information

Manual collecting of data that have contacted the company for example through the website forms and calendars of All Ice Lapland, per telephone or per e-mail.

7. The Regular Provision of Data and the Transfer of Data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

No regular provision of data. Personal data is not forwarded outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

8. Principles governing the Security of the Register

a. Manual material
If manual material is printed, it is kept in a locked space and only the controller of the register can use the material.

b. Data Entered using ADP 
The personal information data is stored in the controllers system, which can only be accessed with password and username. The system is protected by firewalls and other technical measures. The data can only be seen and used by persons specifically named by the controller.

9. Checking of own data

The person whose data is registered can check the data stored of herself and have copies of it. The request must be made in writing and addressed to the person in charge.

10. Correcting of data

The controller will correct, remove or add to data in the register which is erroneus, useless, lacking or obsolete by herself or by the demand of the registered person. The request must be made in writing and addressed to the person in charge.


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Created: 9.3.2018